lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Friday Office Fantasy!!

I was on the phone in my office late in the afternoon when I heard the click clack of stilettos across my floor. I looked up to see my hot personal assistant sit a number of files onto my desk. I smiled, mouthed thank you to her and waved. As she turned to leave my office I drooled at the image. A perky little brunette with legs that went on forever, a round little arse and tits that were always trying to escape from her top. I was then stunned to see her lock the door and turn to face me.

Today she was wearing a sexy pinstripe suit that hugged every curve and was much shorter than the average suit. Her low cut blouse showed a full cleavage. She gave me a look with those eyes of hers and when she bit her bottom lip I quickly ended the call and hung up the phone. My heart started pounding as she walked towards me. She perched herself on the edge of the desk and waited for me to make the next move.

My hands immediately went to her breasts wanting to free them from her top. As I leant in to undo the buttons I drank in her musky scent. Within seconds I had those breasts free and eagerly sucked at her nipple while my hand kneaded the other one. She spread her stockinged legs so one was either side of me up on my director’s chair. I took that as a hint to move south.

It did not take much to raise that mini skirt and discover the black suspenders and fine lace that barely covered her mound. I rubbed her clit through the lace and felt my own member hardened even more. With my free hand I swept everything aside on my desk and lay her back.. I pushed aside the lace and buried my head in her pussy, my tongue reaching inside her wetness while my thumb still circled her clit. The first moan escaped from her lips and I looked up to see her fondling her own tits as I furiously sucked and licked her pussy. As she bucked her hips and pushed her pussy harder against my face I quickened the pace to bring her to orgasm.

She sat up and without taking her eyes off mine released my dick from its confines. With a quick move she impaled herself and I felt her wet pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I held onto her as she rode me, her tits bouncing up and down in my face. Then she started talking dirty to me, telling me to fuck her harder and dump my load inside of me. This was all I needed and without holding back exploded inside of her.

When we regained our breaths, she gave me a slow, sensual kiss. She removed herself from me, stood up and straightened her clothes. “See you Monday” she said and without another word walked over to the door, unlocked it and left. I was left wondering – would every Friday be the same???

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